Why DigitalTrust


Modern world’s ever-increasing demand on the governments and enterprises to leverage the technological advancements in ICT for improving the quality of the service delivery (citizen services and socio-economic benefits) to their customers/citizens, is resulting in 'digitally connected governments and enterprises' across the world.

This situation in turn, elevated the need for 'ensuring trust' in the digital world, in line with regulations, legal validity and sector-specific (banking, insurance, etc.) compliance requirements. Realizing this need at the national level in every country, most of the governments across the world initiated large nationwide programmes, like eID, national PKI, National ID card, etc., towards providing 'legally valid trust chain' in their respective nations.

While the governments started providing eID/PKI infrastructure towards enabling the much needed 'trust chain' through these initiatives, the real trust in the digital world is achieved through integration and adoption of such like eID, PKI, etc., with all ICT systems, applications and infrastructure across government and private enterprises.

This phase of adopting "government enabled/driven" digital trust infrastructure is just about to begin or has just begun in many countries. This is due to the fact that most of the countries have either just achieved maturity, or are in the process of achieving maturity and stability, in setting up infrastructure and completing the initial issuance/renewal processes.

Our suite of products, working in an integrated manner to enable the transformation of "digitally connected governments/enterprises" into "digitally connected and trusted governments/enterprises", leveraging these nationwide eID/PKI initiatives/infrastructure, thereby addressing the following DigitalTrust specific problems holistically:

How to enable trust in Digital Identities accessing our Digital Assets?

How to enable trust in our Digital Documents and Email Communications?

How to enable trust in our Digital Assets by protecting it from Unauthorized Access?

How to enable a right balance between User Convenience and secured access to our Digital Assets?

How to enable trust in digital transactions performed within digitally connected online systems and environments?

How to enable a trusted framework, facilitating in achieving compliance to Regulations and Laws?

The following is an integrated view of suite of products, which enable digital trust when deployed in a government/private enterprise:

Our Experience and Expertise in providing “DigitalTrusted” solutions and services

Over 12 years of Product/Enterprise Applications Development and Integration experience across multiple customer segments - Government, Banking, Defense, and Telecommunications

Over 200 Man Years of experience in building and implementing IAM & DigitalTrust Solutions leveraging National eID Cards/Smart Card, Biometrics and PKI Technologies

Extensive Subject Matter Expertise in the areas of:

  • Solutions & Integrations with National eIDs.
  • Smart tokens and Security.
  • Biometric Technologies.
  • PKI technologies.
  • E-governance transformation leveraging eID.
  • eID adoption strategy consulting.

Technology partnerships with multiple technology providers (Smart Card, Biometrics and PKI technologies)