About DigitalTrust

DigitalTrust Technologies Private Limited came into existence in May 2017 as a strategic spinoff of Magnaquest Technologies Limited. DigitalTrust is in the business of enabling the transformation of "Digital Governments & Businesses" into "Digitally Trusted Governments & Businesses", through their innovative value proposition to all the key stakeholders of unique Trust ecosystems. DigitalTrust enables this transformation through their Digital Trust Services Platform that is coupled with Identity and Access Management services. For country enablement, we leverage electronic ID (eID) of specific countries in compliance with the local cyber and ID laws.

Our business approach is that of Products/Solutions, focusing on developing niche markets, through strong partnerships & differentiators in value-proposition, and price advantage;


The infusion of the required investments into DigitalTrust business stream, geographies, and segments; will quickly enable DigitalTrust to fulfil the grand organizational vision of:

Building a very vibrant, high growth and one of the leading high-performing organizations, in "eID integrated DigitalTrust" market space, enabling the transformation of digital governments/businesses across the world.

We operate in the USA as Concordus Apps Inc. and through our US office, we are focused on offering the best Digital Security platform that is robust, comprehensive and offered as Managed service.

Our Enterprise Solution and Services Offerings

eID Services Platform - A true, generic eID middleware that provides unified interface for smartcard, PKI & biometric technologies on multiple platforms with a reverse integrations approach to Enterprise Applications

Authentication and SSO Gateway - Eliminates the need for multiple logins with more secure and efficient

Trusted Identity Manager - Integrates identity silos to enable centralized governance of identify lifecycle, improving security, efficiency & compliance.

Access Governance - Enables centralized access governance in compliance with organizational policies, user roles and access rules.

BioID Services Platform - An integrated end-to-end Multi-Biometric platform

Integrated & Development Services – Integration of National eID with your Digital Businesses and Infrastructure

Our select list of Customers